Friday, March 4, 2011

My Sweet Girl Turns Eight! Happy Birthday!

How did eight years fly by so fast?  I feel like I need to go back and take more pictures, and definitely get more video!  I NEVER take video, and I have missed so many of those sweet little voices and the cute little sayings.  Like when she use to call ketchup "gigup" and when she use to wiggle her tongue back and forth making a blubbering noise which meant banana.  That was soooo adorable!  Or when she would pick up things as light as a feather and make a strained face and say "hea-vy, hea-vy, hea-vy".  Also, those special moments with her Great Grandma... the princess tea parties they would have together and even those quiet moments of silence they shared together.  They loved each other so much, as though they were connected at the soul!  I want a rewind button!  I wanna go back and relish in those moments!  But sadly, we can only go forward, and most of the time it feels like the fast forward button is on!  I just pray that I am raising her right!  That she will grow to be a woman of God who is gentle and loving to everyone she encounters.  That others would see her sweetness and want to slow down their time with her also!

Happy Birthday Sweetie!  I love you... muches and muches!

xoxo, Mommy