Full Portfolio (includes head shots, 3/4 body and full body)
3 outfit changes
1 location
15 digital files

40 minute
3 outfit changes
1 location
10 digital files

Talent Shoot

Zed cards: $250 for 250 cards (includes 5 images, name and stats)
Many modeling agencies don’t use Zed cards anymore.  You may want to check with your agent to be certain if you need them at all or if they are no longer industry standard.  It can differ by agency and by talent.

Preparing for your Talent Shoot
  • Please bring plenty of clothing options (we will choose 3 looks from what you bring, but bring more than 3) and make sure you bring all the accessories (shoes, socks, jewelry, hats, scarves, ect....), if any, for each outfit.
  • Keep clothing simple in pattern.  Solids are good.  No busy florals or paisleys, etc.
  • It is best to wear medium shades in colors that really enhance your eyes, hair and skin tone.  Try to go with colors that bring out your coloring.  Avoid white and light pastel colors.  Warm earthy tones are best.
  • Layering is recommended.  Fitted shirts look better and are preferable to oversized shirts.  
  • Kids clothes should be colorful and fun.  Bring a few different style options.  In other words, bring items from "Back to School", Fall, Spring and Summer seasons as well as Sporty, Funky, Casual and any other upbeat styles you think will show personalities off well.
  • For headshots – be sure to mix up the necklines.
  • For headshots –  Be sure that tops have shoulders – no spaghetti straps, tank tops or sleeveless shirts (or a sweater can be worn over these tops to cover shoulders). 
  • Shirts with texture are great for headshots. (Sweaters, knit or ribbed material, etc).
  • Small logos are okay for fashion portfolio shoots but keep graphics small and for the younger ones stay away from super hero and cartoon characters.  It will be distracting.
  • Girls should have well manicured nails.  Generally, short and neutral (clear or nude polish or a French manicure) is the desired look.  Boys should have clean fingernails.
  • All clothing choices should be modest and not distract from the model.
  • Hair should be simple and not distract from the model.
  • NO MAKE-UP.   Kids under 12 should arrive bare faced.  Kids older than 12 should not wear heavy make-up that changes their appearance.  Make-up should look natural.
  • If hair needs to be cut, be sure to cut it about a week or two ahead so you do not have the "fresh-cut" look.