Monday, September 29, 2008

Sneak Peek - My Cousin's Families - the 3 "H" Families

My poor family... they have to wait and wait and wait for their pictures! Sorry guys! But I hope you still love me and your pictures!

Last month (now see, I am squeezing in just under the wire with that one, because for today, last month was August) we had a family reunion in Michigan and a memorial for our Gram. We stayed at beautiful Higgin's Lake. Seeing that we live in CA and all the cousin's live in Texas we rarely see each other. So it was sooooo much fun to get all the kids together and let them play and get to know each other for a full week. Gram has 9 Great-Grandbabies! So while I was there, I just had to take some pictures! Although I never did get formal pictures of my own kids. But there is time for that later.

First was my cousin "M" with his beautiful family... wife "S," boy/girl twins - "E" and "N" and little "D."

Here they all are at the end of the dock of their cabin at the north end of the lake:
And darling "E"

And "N" had the sweetest little disposition. Don't his eyes seem wise?

Here is sweet snuggly "D"

Then I took my cousin "S's" family pictures over in front of our cabin at the south end of the lake. Here he is with wife "P" and cutie patooties "O" and "A"
Cute has never been soo purrrr-fect!

beautiful "O"

Cute and curly "A"

Finally, I got a few pictures in the backyard of my cousin "R's" kiddos, "AB" and "A" but none of the whole family... not even of the two kiddos together... bummer! Baby "A" just wanted nothing to do with sitting with his sister... he was only happy if an adult was holding him. But any adult would usually do... which is why all the women in the family got their baby cuddles in on this trip! He is just so yummy!

Here is the spitfire of them all "AB" She is going to be president one day... I swear! I asked her to lay on the grass for this picture and I had a hard time getting her up! I think most of the shots of her are laying in the grass... it works though, I love this shot!
I did get a couple where she wasn't laying in the grass though

And lovey baby "A"- Momma is holding him which is why is he is all smiles!

Well that's all for now! I will have all your pictures up in just a day or so. Thanks for being so patient! And I am glad you have all survived Hurricane IKE. I hope life will be getting back to normal soon for everyone! I love you guys!

And I will be sending you all the snapshots I took and also the big family picture... just as soon as I catch up here!


  1. These are all gorgeous. LOVE your use of color!! Everyone looks like they are having a great time. The girls in the tu tu's are just adorable. The locations are fantastic! I wish I had your proofing banner.. I need to learn how to make that.

    Jodie G (from ILP)

  2. That first one is just amazing!!! I love your color!

  3. you did a great job- all the children look amazing!

  4. You have such great clarity... everyone's eyes just sparkle! Beautiful job on these - A++

  5. Fantastic images! I love your locations.

  6. What a beutiful family you have, Jenny! Wow, you were busy at your reunion! These are just precious. : )

  7. Wow! Beautiful pictures and beautiful family!!

  8. These are so great!! I LOVE the first image!

  9. I hope your family appreciates how lucky they are to have you do these. Beautiful!

  10. Thare all great! I really love the first shot though! The color and perspective in it is wonderful!