Friday, November 7, 2008

Sneak Peek - The 'S" Family

It is always so much fun photographing friends, and the S family was no exception! Of course, it is so hard to choose just a few favorites for the sneak peak, so I did go a little heavy on the images this time.

Here is the beautiful S family:

And 1 one of S and R:
Sweet little M:
I love sibling pictures, and I adore M and big bro J:
One of just J:

And would it be a session for me at the beach if it didn't include my signature silhouette???

And Mom had a great idea to get some of J in his Taekwondo uniform. She said they don't do pictures for Taekwondo the way they do for girls in dance and wanted to get some of J in his gi
And I HAD to include this one of J up on this cliff. It was a really scary spot, but J was super brave and showed the fearlessness of a real martial artsman:


  1. Wow, beautiful family photos, and the martial arts poses are so cool! That one on the cliff is scary but awesome... I bet he'll love it! Lovely work... A++

  2. Really beautiful Jenny! I love the family shots! I think you did a wonderful job!

  3. Wow, Great family shots! And I love the martial arts shots as well! Grea job!

  4. beautiful family, the beach images are stunning. I really like the martial arts images, what a great idea!

  5. These are great!!! They will love these!!! ++

  6. You did a great job photographing the family! Really love the silhouette.

  7. These are awesome!!! I love the 2nd shot of the family, great posing! And the martial arts shots are so cool!

  8. DUDE! These ROCK! Those martial arts shots are beyond awesome, especially the cliff shot! Wonderful work!