Tuesday, June 9, 2009

"What should we wear?"

I get this question... A LOT!!! I consult over the phone and then I send a what to wear guide... and half the time everyone shows up in jeans and white shirts... the other half show up in khakis and black shirts! LOL!!! Okay, that is not entirely true, I do have some very fashionable clients who can really put some fabulous looks together. But his post isn't for those clients. It is for the clients who don't know what to wear and need a little push in the right direction! Here I have put together some coordinating outfits. Now I realize that you don't all have 6 kids, but this is to give you several ideas of how to coordinate. I will post some more in the future, so keep watching my blog for more what to wear guides from me. Oh, and all of these have shoes... which, if you know me, I usually say "go barefoot" but for those of you who don't like the feel of the grass between your toes, there are some shoe options here.


  1. See, this is what I need! Thanks for helping the clueless clients. :)