Saturday, May 22, 2010

Field of Dreams | The Sweetest Boy in the World!

Last week I photographed sweet D at my favorite field.  He really is one of the sweetest little guys I have ever met!  We were buds right away and he was such a good listener!  He made my job so easy!  You can tell that his behavior is the result of some great parenting!  Thank you D for being so great!

I asked him to make a silly face and this is what he gave me!
Flowers for you!
Now isn't that a charming little smile?  Don't you just wanna eat him up?!?!

I think this might have to be the last Field of Dreams sessions for the season.  The wildflowers are drying up and falling off.  :-(  It makes me sad because they have been one of my favorite theme sessions I have shot... I love all the colors and the warm sunshine!


  1. From ILP...leavin' you some blog love. ;) Beautiful images!

  2. He is adorable! The lighting in these is just gorgeous - fabulous work!

  3. fantastic lighting! such a handsome little guy!!