Monday, August 23, 2010

C is 3 with style! | Orange County Milestone Photography

I have photographed C many times before.  His newborn and 6 month picture were even before I was blogging!  So we can only go back to his 1 year photos and 2 year photos to see how much he has grown in front of my camera!

And here he is at 3!  He was so much fun to photograph... his personality is HUGE right now!  He gave me so many fun looks and could not have been easier!

I had so much fun editing this one and adding texture to it:

He shared his nightly prayer with me!  Such an angel!

Loved his little boy stand here!

I always get a shot of his beautiful lashes!  I couldn't miss out this time!

And my favorite!


  1. AHHHHHH!! I love them, Jenny! As usual, you capture C so beautifully. I'm so blessed to have you taken his pictures. Thank you!

  2. Love that 2nd image! What an adorable boy!