Sunday, October 17, 2010

My Annual Visit with the G Family | Costa Mesa Family Photography

Annually like clockwork, the G family contacts me for their family portraits.  They were actually my very first stranger clients!  But obviously, that doesn't last long!  I have shot at least 1, 2 or all of their family members on 6 occasions!  Of course they are much, much more than strangers to me now!  In a big way they are the core of my business!  They love capturing family moments along their journey of life, I love photographing those moments for people to treasure, so we love getting together annually... sometimes more often than that!  It's simple really!

G Family, I hope you enjoy your sneak peek of your 2010 family pictures!  I love watching your family change before my lens!  Thank you for sharing life moments with me ;-)

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  1. First good picture of Troy and I in years! Thanks Jenny!