Sunday, January 16, 2011

My First Ever Newborn Twins! Beautiful Boys! | Orange County Twin Newborn Photographer

J and C are the most perfect little beings on earth!  I swear, I hardly heard a squeak or a cry from either the entire 4 hours I was at their home.  They were perfectly content sleeping, cuddling and being totally moldable for me!  I could't ever ask for a more perfect experience with twins!

Thank you J and L for sharing your little ones with me for the afternoon!  I was in heaven!  ...and I still think you ought to share one with me... haha!!!

Enjoy your sneak peek!

Meet baby C and J.  J is the eldest, but C is the biggest.  And they both are the cutest!

This is J

I have always tried to get this shot and have not been successful!  But C let me do it!  I am so thrilled!

I love how happy C is to be snuggled up with brother J!
Big brother S is loving his new title!

This is the same pose I posted from my droid onto facebook... looks a lot better after a few edits!


  1. absolutely ADORABLE! Almost makes me want a baby...(I'll wait for my Marti, then we're coming to you!

  2. Jenny, you outdid yourself! Absolutely amazing pics. Super adorable. Love them and want one of each! I think you need to submit them to some contest (with J+L approval, of course :)).

  3. sweet little boys! so precious. great work.