Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Newborn Baby G, Only 5lbs! | Aliso Viejo Newborn Photographer

I went back for a follow-up session with S two weeks later, and Baby G was just 1 week old!  She was absolutely the tiniest baby I have EVER photographed!  She was 5lbs 2oz when she was born!  Such a tiny petite little thing!  And she was PERFECT!  I know I always say this about the newborns I have, maybe I just have the magic touch!  But seriously, G is the 2nd baby in a row to not even soil anything while nakey!  That NEVER happens, and first baby J and now baby G!  I will count my blessings... I am sure the next one will make up for these two!  Hahaha!  Enjoy these pictures Momma S!

This one to mimic the one below in the maternity session.  S sharing Baby G with her Mom. *sniff*sniff*

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